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Galactic Nemesis (iOS)
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Galactic Nemesis (iOS)

Playing an 8-bit shooter on iOS has never been more simple and fun than it is here!

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One of the first video games I experienced as a kid in the 80’s was the Namco classic called Galaga. There was something awesome and fun about playing a spaceship that could move side to side while shooting at incoming waves of aliens lined up in rows at the top of the screen. It’s obvious that it must be one of CS54 Inc’s favorite games too, as the developer has put their own spin on this classic with their iOS game, Galactic Nemesis. Here you’ll find 8-bit shooter action where you only need your wits and one hand to play.

There’s not much of a story or plot here, but that’s not really the focus of the game. Some aliens are set on invading our galaxy and it’s up to you to stop them with your galactic spaceship. Galactic Nemesis luckily has some of the easiest and best touchscreen controls on iOS devices to help you succeed in your mission. You can place and drag your thumb anywhere at the bottom of the screen which automatically makes you fire your weapon as you move around. Unlike Galaga where you could only move from side to side, you can freely move all around the bottom to middle area of the playing field much like a typical vertical shoot-em up.

As with any shooter, there’s a few power-ups you can collect to help make things easier as you fight through 36 stages (with more coming soon). Here you’ll find ones such as a rapid fire shot boost, a mega laser that vaporizes anything is hits, shields to take hits for you, and more. If that wasn’t enough, you can also complete challenges to earn coins to upgrade your ship (there’s eight different ones with their own pros and cons) and purchase power-ups to set up before you start a mission. These bonus will come in handy as the aliens become faster and more difficult to defeat with each passing wave.

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s or enjoys retro, 8-bit games will love the graphics and sounds here. While they’re classic looking, the visuals still look fantastic and have some neat effects like the multi-scrolling of the stars, background objects and such, while classic beeps and blips fill the air with old school video game sounds very reminiscent of Galaga.

If you’re looking for some classic, retro shooter fun, you’ll be hard pressed to find something that will top Galactic Nemesis. Featuring some of the easiest and simple controls on iOS devices, while blending in some 80’s arcade fun through 36 levels with more on the way for only 99 cents, it’s the perfect way to kill some time in the 8-bit universe.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell