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Flat Heroes
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Flat Heroes

A simple game that’s as frustrating as it is fun.

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I often find myself watching funny videos online, and among some of my favorites are watching people rage quit at various games. I’ve noticed a lot of simple but difficult titles they play such as The Impossible Game and Geometry Dash to name a few, and these seem to be really popular titles for streamers to enrage at. Now there’s a new title making its way to the stage called Flat Heroes. Those who enjoy simple but tough games that’s all about reflexes and luck will love this as it’s sure to fall flat for everyone else.

Things start off simple enough as you choose your flat hero (aka a colored square) and take on a single, square-shaped stages where you do your best to jump around on or hide behind platforms placed in various positions on each stage while also dodging all kinds of hazards to proceed to the next one. These dangers include evading numerous projectiles being shot at you or coming from the walls of the stage itself and more. As if this wasn’t bad enough, you die instantly anytime you’re hit, but thankfully you respawn nearly as fast to rise to the challenge again.

To aid you in your missions, you have a few abilities such as double-jumping, a mid-air dash, and more you’ll have to use as the game pushes your acrobatic reflexes to the test. Once you think you’ve got things under control, you’ll quickly learn that you don’t once enemy bosses come into play every couple of levels. Some are easy such as letting one bounce around as you dodge it and its projectiles until it destroys itself, to others that will light up the screen with all sorts of obstacles to avoid.

If you find things getting too hot to handle on your own, you’ll be happy to know there’s local multiplayer co-op where three other friends can drop in and out at any time. There’s also a Survival mode you can unlock where you’ll have to hold out against waves of enemies that quickly become more difficult as you go, and there’s a versus mode with four mini games to play with your friends such as trying to stay in an area that gets smaller and more.

I’ll admit it’s not really my cup of tea, but those who enjoy games that require more luck than skill will love Flat Heroes. It can quickly become frustrating to play thanks to issues such as no tutorial, no explanation of your abilities or how to use them which leads to loads of anger-inducing trial and error gameplay, just to name a few. But if you’re all about putting your reflexes and problem solving skills to the test, you’ll have a flat out good time here.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell