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Final Fantasy XV : Pocket Edition
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Final Fantasy XV : Pocket Edition

Don’t let the cute look fool you, as this mobile port is still the same game fans love as will newcomers.

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I’ll just get this out of the way first, I love Final Fantasy XV and consider it the best one I’ve played out of the series. Don’t get me wrong, I loved some of the others as well, namely FFVII (of course) and FFIX especially, but this one just pulled me in and kept me playing until it was over and afterwards thanks to DLC and newly added free content. While I still can’t believe they did it, this epic makes its way to mobile devices in Final Fantasy XV : Pocket Edition. Featuring a deceptively cute look that’s sure to throw most off at first, those who stick with it will soon discover it’s an abridged version of the game that’s just as fun and exciting as the console (and soon to come PC) versions.

Just like in the original game, the story follows Prince Noctis, heir to the kingdom of Lucis, and his brother-like buddies Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus. While Noctis’ father the king tries to work out peace negotiations between Lucis and the empire of Niflheim, things take a turn for the worse when Lucis is destroyed along with the king by Niflheim working with other dark forces out there. It falls on Noctis and his buds to man up and rebuild their kingdom by finding legendary powers and weapons Noctis inherits from being the new king, and using them to put a stop to Niflheim and any other evil forces from taking over.

I’m happy to report that most of the story and locations from the original game have made it to this port, as it’s nearly a frame-for-frame copy. But let’s get into the changes, such as the cute, super-deformed look of the characters. A lot of players may be put off by the look, but it grew on me as I played. Speaking of which, the combat has been simplified a bit more here, but it makes it easy for anyone to jump right into the thick of things with touchscreen buttons for parrying, dodging, etc. with Noctis auto-attacking anything he’s facing and the computer handling your buddies. With this being a mobile port, the giant, open world has been shrunk down quite a bit as well, but that’s just a given. You can still drive around in the Regalia, just not as much or as far, and can still find fishing spots, explore a bit and find items, and such. It’s also neat that nearly all of the voice acting, sounds, etc. carried over to this version as well, making it truly feel like a mobile FFXV.

If there’s a gripe about the game, I’d have to say I ran into some bugs/crashes here and there, but it’s nothing some patches can’t fix. Also my biggest gripe is that this is being released episodically instead of just giving us the entire game to play right off the bat. This first episode is free but there’s nine more to purchase starting with the next two for 99 cents a piece, and the rest after that going for $3.99 or you can buy the bundle for $19.99. I get they’re trying to make it last longer, but I would’ve loved to just had the entire thing to play right now.

If you love Final Fantasy XV as much as I did, and find yourself on the go a lot, you might want to consider investing some time and money into Final Fantasy XV : Pocket Edition. It’s a trimmed down version with cute looking graphics to be sure, but it’s still the same, fun adventure you remember for the most part that you’ll find yourself falling for all over again, and newcomers to the series will fit in perfectly with this entry. I wish it wasn’t released in an episodic format, but for everything this port has packed in from the original game, the wait will surely be worth it.

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