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Fight Crab
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Fight Crab

An entertaining clash of crustaceans that will leave you laughing from the silliness and crying from the difficulty.

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Giant coconut crabs. Gun-wielding lobsters. King crabs with swords. These are just a few of the enemies you’ll face in Fight Crab, a fighting game where you (yes, you) get to be a crab and engage in claw and weapon combat. Originally a PC-only release, this clash of colossal crustaceans finds a new home on the Switch where it’s every bit as amazingly absurd and fun as it sounds.

Fight Crab’s premise is simple: you are a crab. You fight other crabs with your huge claws and an array of weapons ranging from claymores to guns. The first crab to be flipped on their back loses. Every win earns coins you can spend on weapons (to obliterate your crusty opponents) and new crab species (to become said crusty opponent and use their abilities against them). It’s nothing incredibly crazy. Minus you being a crab, of course.

The game allows you total control of your crab. You can move your limbs in any way you see fit, which can lead to some…interesting fights, especially while you’re still getting used to the controls. I was swinging wild for the first few rounds while I was learning to control my claws, and it took me a while to realize I could steal weapons from my opponents. There’s definitely a learning curve, but it makes the fights entertaining, if only because you’re scuttling around trying not to get shot by a giant lobster while you’re internally screaming because you have no idea where he got a gun from or how to grab said gun from him.

Once you become acclimated to the controls, things usually go much more smoothly until you meet a new bigger, badder opponent with an insane new weapon (like Excalibur, for example). The unpredictability of the combat allows you to form your own comfortable fighting style while also completely throwing you to the wolves, or maybe that should be lobsters. It’s hard to tell anymore, but I can appreciate that.

Co-op multiplayer allows you to play with up to four people to create a showdown of epic crabby proportions with matches of 1v1 or 2v2. The online experience is pretty smooth with very little lag, which is great because when you play with other people, the game’s pace is much faster and you aren’t being caught off guard due to random freezing. It can be a little devastating if the enemy has more unlocked items than you, though. Taking on a competitor with Mjolnir when all you have is a knife is pretty rough.

As you can imagine, crab fighting is best enjoyed with friends (or some of the many random online players, if you prefer that) so you can all bask in the hilarity of the whole thing while also becoming insanely competitive because you all want to be the supreme crab warrior. You know its true.

The visuals are pretty stellar. Not many games can give you ridiculously realistic crabs and animate their movement so well, but Fight Crab does a fantastic job. The soundtrack matches the overall tone with upbeat, fast-paced tunes that pump you up for every battle. It’s not a masterpiece, but the concept is truly original and there’s a genuinely fun, albeit silly, fighting game with surprisingly good strategy here. It’s the kind of game that you play with friends and have a good laugh until someone whips out a katana and a shuriken and makes it death brawl. If that sounds like your cup of butter, then Fight Crab is the game for you!

About the Author: Sebastian Stoddard