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Fallout 4: Automatron
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Fallout 4: Automatron

DLC that adds robot creation, a new quest and gear are nice bolts on top of the steel cupcake.

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Fallout 4 was released to critical acclaim last year – including from Yours Truly! It’s a great game that nails all things that make the Fallout series as beloved as it is while simultaneously streamlining the series’ gameplay. The original had plenty of content to check out, but Bethesda Studios, horse-armoring pioneers of the DLC age, couldn’t resist putting out some add-ons as well. The first of these add-ons is Fallout 4: Automatron.

Automatron, simply enough, is all about robots. It’s largely about building robots, to be precise. We’re talking death machines. Maiming, murdering metal monstrosities. If it doesn’t need oil, we don’t need it here. Bleep boop, kill all humans.

Your bots are constructed via mixing and matching parts on a robot workbench, with said parts being built from your invariably ridiculous collection of crafting materials. Fallout 4 is, at its heart, a game about scraping up the remnants of post-apocalyptic Boston and turning them into chairs, so turning those remnants into robot parts isn’t too much of a swerve from the usual. You can also get parts from questing, but if you’re into the whole mad scientist thing you’re going to want to get your arts and crafts on. Maybe find a lab coat, too, so you really look the part.

Your bots can do a variety of things, most of which are related to murder. Various head parts determine the distance at which your bot will engage foes, at which point they’ll start blasting, slicing or burning away with any number of robot weapons. You can also customize your pal’s body style, legs, voice and even colors. Yes, there’s a pink option. Yes, that’s all I ever used.

There’s also a short quest chain included with the DLC, revolving around the new robot companion Ada and the villainous Mechanist, who you might remember from Fallout 3. This isn’t the same Mechanist, of course, but their MO appears to be pretty similar. You’ll explore ruined buildings and blast the crap out of robots, pretty much as you’d expect, and you’ll earn some new weapons and gear along the way. I’m personally fond of the new pistol that’s literally just a severed robot head that you hold by its spine.

Automatron is a solid addition to Fallout 4. Robot creation by itself would have been enough to earn this DLC a recommendation, but the quest and new gear are nice bolts on top of the steel cupcake. Fans of furthering their original post-apocalyptic adventuring should absolutely check this out.

About the Author: Cory Galliher