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Fairy Fencer F
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Fairy Fencer F

A huge technical upgrade for Steam players easily help make this the definitive version of Fairy Fencer F.

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We’ve got a bit of a routine here at the Popzara offices. When an Idea Factory game shows up, the managing editor breaks the glass covering the big red button on his desk and slams it down. That’s how I know to come in and make some magic happen. Naturally, when the Steam release of Fairy Fencer F showed up, I was ready to go. Never fear, I’m here to save the day by talking about a JRPG! You can all thank me later.

Much like the original PS3 version, Fairy Fencer F stars Fang, a lazy swordsman coerced into an adventure by the fairy Eryn. Fang’s job is to find the Furies, magic swords that have been used to seal away a goddess and evil god. By collecting the Furies, Fang and Eryn can release the seal on the goddess and bring peace back to the world; naturally, this is a JRPG, so it’s not going to be quite that simple.

You’ll find the Furies via your typical dungeon exploration and monster-battling. Exploration has you running and jumping all over the place looking for treasure and goodies. Meanwhile, the combat system is fairly similar to recent Hyperdimension Neptunia releases, with a radius-based movement system and combo attacks. Fairy Fencer F’s claim to fame in terms of gameplay is the advanced degree of customization available for your characters’ abilities; character skills and stats can be tweaked heavily with equipment and stat points. It’s addictive, especially given how snappy and quick battles usually are.

The Steam version of Fairy Fencer F appears to run on the same engine as the recent Hyperdimension Neptunia releases. This means that it’s gorgeous and runs at a stunning 60FPS at full 1080p even if you’ve got half-decent hardware. In doing so, it renders the original PS3 version of this game completely obsolete, especially since that one ran like crap the majority of the time. My only technical issue was related to using an Xbox One controller on Windows 10, and this appears to have been fixed, so it’s otherwise flawless as far as I can tell.

Simply put, this is the definitive version of Fairy Fencer F, and if you’re interested at all in JRPGs you should probably drop the pittance it would take to get it on Steam, especially if you’re looking for an improvement over the PS3 version. Fans of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series are also bound to enjoy this game. It’s a solid experience all around that’s worth a look.

About the Author: Cory Galliher