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A solid expansion to a great space sim/roguelike that adds more to do all around.

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If the key to enlightenment is to cease one’s attachment to the material world, then maybe we can learn something from the roguelike. These games certainly do a great job of imparting the idea that clinging to a particular character or item is foolish – those things could be gone in an instant, after all. EVERSPACE, a starship-focused pew-pew take on the idea, is a great example of the concept in action, and the new Encounters DLC adds even more chances for you to deal with your attachment issues by killing the hell out of you and taking everything away.

EVERSPACE is essentially the roguelike formula superimposed over the top of a first-person space sim. You’ll fly your ship between points in each Sector, gathering resources, upgrading your ship and dealing with foes as you go. Sector by sector, you’ll make your way toward the end somewhat similar to how games like FTL have worked. Victory relies on a combination of resource management, efficient combat and pure dumb luck.

It’s a solid enough experience on its own, though the randomness of each run takes a bite out of the depth of the game since you can’t really plan around items and parts that you don’t know you’ll have. EVERSPACE, then, is all about longevity rather than each individual run being an extended experience. You want a game that you can come back to time and time again even when runs go poorly and you lose a ship you’ve painstakingly upgraded. The constant improvements that the player makes over the cycle of death and rebirth lie at the heart and soul of the roguelike genre.

Expansions like Encounters are important for keeping that aspect of the game alive; what we’ve got here are new NPC-based quests, FTL-style space stations that offer repairs and shopping and optional missions that can offer additional rewards if you’re bold enough to deal with them. There’s also a new ship to check out that offers ECM capabilities for more technical players. None of this drastically changes the core of how EVERSPACE plays, but it does add more content where more content is always vital, and there’s something to say for that.

If you haven’t played EVERSPACE yet, of course, you’ll want to pick it up along with this Encounters DLC expansion if you’re fond of roguelikes and space sims. It looks, sounds and plays great, and Encounters adds enough additional challenge and content to keep the game fresh for newbies and veteran players alike. Keep in mind that death is a part of life here – running out of fuel, getting shot to bits and just not getting what you need at any given time are all possible and likely – and you’re bound to have a good time.

About the Author: Cory Galliher