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Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires
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Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

A mobile Dynasty Warriors 8 that’s the complete experience – minus some choppiness and technical glitches.

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It’s time, folks! Yes, it’s time to talk about what will, quite possibly, be the last Warriors game we’ll be discussing in 2015. Maybe. You never know, after all, these things pop up like vastly more entertaining weeds. Today we’re discussing Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires on the PS Vita. If you haven’t played it in another form, well, your chance to give DW8 Empires a shot has arrived! It’s arrived a little choppily and with less impressive models, but it’s here!

I’d go into the many differences that the Vita version of the game boasts compared to its predecessors…but, well, there aren’t many. There are a couple nods to the device’s touchscreen, and you’re able to transfer saves between platforms if that’s your bag. You can save and quit pretty much whenever you want, so it’s fine for short sessions; the Vita itself has a fairly long battery life so that helps as well.

At its heart, this is still the same immensely complicated game with way too much to do that’s going to take you days to even begin to understand. It’s also customizable to an insane degree – you can make a general, make an army for him to lead, make a horse for him to ride, make a scenario for him to conquer, and then do it again for dozens of other custom armies. You don’t pick this game up expecting to play Dynasty Warriors. You pick this game up expecting to play Dressup Simulator 2015.

The graphics are worse, of course, and not entirely because I originally played the game on a PS4. The models are iffy at times, extremely iffy at other times. The framerate also chokes every so often. Get too many people onscreen, which is all too easy – and really the whole point – in a Warriors game, and you’re going to see some choppiness. It happens.

Still, the fact that Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is available on a handheld in such a complete form at all is significant. If, for whatever reason, you’re a diehard Warriors fan but somehow don’t have access to one of the other platforms that the original version is available on, then you’ll be happy with the Vita version. Players of other versions of the game don’t need to retread old ground, however.

About the Author: Cory Galliher