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Disgaea 4 Complete +
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Disgaea 4 Complete +

Sardines and Prinnies are back, now in high definition.

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Sometimes games tackle really serious topics. Those are pretty popular these days, since the desperate desire for the medium to be taken seriously is at its peak. It’s a good thing, then, that we’ve got games that address hard issues like Disgaea 4 Complete +. Where else could we get the unique perspective of a sardine-loving vampire who trains explosive penguins? Let’s talk about why this remaster of Disgaea 4 is the most important game of 2019.

Everybody knows that when wicked humans die, they go to the Netherworld. There, they’re forced to toil as Prinnies – demonic penguins with a penchant for exploding and the word “dood” – until they’re able to earn their way to reincarnation. Actually doing so isn’t exactly straightforward, though, so it’s up to Prinny Instructors like vampire Valvatorez to teach the penguins. Val, however, has a little more on his plate than being a teacher. For instance, he’s waging a war against the government of the entire Netherworld…and what’s more, he’s doing it because of sardines.

If you’ve played the original Disgaea 4, the plot’s not going to come as much of a surprise here. Disgaea 4 Complete + is an HD remaster of the original with all the DLC included. That means there’s plenty of maps to clear, items to gather and, of course, experience levels to grind. As you progress you’ll unlock further systems to futz about with, like the ability to run a political “Cam-Pain” to create new characters, upgrade shops and more. Along with the improved graphics and DLC, Complete+ adds in some conveniences from later Disgaea games like the time-saving Cheat Shop.

If you’ve played pretty much any Disgaea then you know how this goes: this is a strategy-RPG where you either follow the plot directly if you want a bit of a challenge or go completely off the rails grinding your characters into godlike badasses. It’s up to you. Chances are you’ll end up doing the latter. There’s no shortage of exciting ways to make your characters even more powerful, from gaining levels to gaining skill levels to gaining levels on your items. It’s a little nuts, and if the act of making numbers get higher rubs you the right way you’re going to love this.

That said, the biggest change in Complete+ is the upgraded presentation. This is, by far, your best option for playing Disgaea 4 on a console these days considering the lovely HD graphics and the playable level of zoom. You could play the Vita version on a PSTV, sure, but you probably don’t own one of those and it also scaled the game up to ridiculous levels. Here, you can enjoy a non-zoomed game that looks and sounds great. Naturally, there’s plenty of humor to enjoy and the translation is top notch, so enjoy.

It’s entirely possible that you missed Disgaea 4 if you didn’t get into the series until later. That’s why Disgaea 4 Complete + is a welcome remaster. 4’s not quite as clean as the top-notch Disgaea 5, of course, but it’s still a solid game that’s worth a look in and of itself. Play it while you wait for the announcement of Disgaea 6…or, if we’re really lucky, another remaster of Disgaea 3?

About the Author: Cory Galliher