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Day of Infamy
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Day of Infamy

Fans of WWII games and hardcore FPS players will want to jump into this trench.

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While I haven’t had the chance to play Insurgency, I’ve read that Day of Infamy started off as a mod for the game, much like DOTA started off as a mod for Warcraft III. Fans of WWII themed games and hardcore first person shooters will find much to love in New World Interactive’s Day of Infamy. Those who are used to more modern first-person shooters may find themselves frustrated at first, but as with games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, you’ll find victory as long as you keep at it.

As this is an Early Access title, there’s still a lot of elements being worked on. There’s three multiplayer modes to choose from, as well as single player/co-op modes where you can fight AI controlled bot players with friends. But the real fun comes through in the capture-point multiplayer modes that support up to 32 players in teams that have a limited number of “waves”. These waves make sure everyone has a turn to play as when you die, you’ll have to wait for the next wave of players to spawn in and get back into the action. The different modes allow challenges such as starting out with only a few waves but having the ability to earn more once your team has captured a certain location on the map among things.

To aid you in your fight, you can choose from different classes of soldiers, such as the Assault one that comes armed with a sub-machine gun, the Machine Gunner who wrecks things with a huge machine gun, the Engineer that roasts everything in its path with a flamethrower, and the Sniper who is pretty self-explanatory. No matter which one you choose, all of them handled nicely as I made my way through. Then there’s two other classes that really change up the gameplay, starting with the Officer who barks out orders to fellow players. There isn’t a chat system in the game, so to make things more realistic you get to choose from a chat wheel where you can say things such as “enemy over there!”, but the Officer can yell out extras options such as Flank positions and more. Lastly there’s the Support class who is a radio operator with a gun who has to be close to other players in order to let them communicate. The only draw with this is that if the enemy is close, they too can hear you which adds another layer of challenge to the gameplay.

This is where a lot of modern FPS players will feel the heat of playing this game. Everything is about realism (or as close as it can be), so there’s no recharging health bar, as I mentioned earlier there’s no typing in chat, and so on. So chances are if you get shot, you’re pretty much dead or will be maimed and then get shot or blown up and die. This game is all about teamwork and working together to push forward. While it quickly becomes frustrating, especially when playing with unknown people, if you come together and make a plan, you’ll get that rush from the victory as it will truly feel like you survived a real war. If you loved films like Saving Private Ryan, you’ll be glad to know the graphics and details look and act a lot like that movie. As explosions and bullets rain down and whiz past you, there’s plenty of dirt, snow and sand that bellow up in columns all around you. As with real conflict, things can get gory as you’ll see more than your fair share of teammates dying as blood shoots out of them when shot or having one get blown up in front of you only to see their body fly up and land with a sickening thud. It’s not for the squeamish.

For an Early Access title, Day of Infamy is a fairly solid, yet incredibly challenging WWII FPS experience that offers plenty of fun – if you can hack it. As stated earlier, most modern FPS players might turn away from this challenge, but those who answer the call and keep making their way through the trenches will find victory on the battlefield.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell