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Dark Rose Valkyrie
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Dark Rose Valkyrie

Idea Factory does it again: a PC port that completely dominates the original PS4 version.

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Idea Factory’s done it again: they’ve taken one of their PS4 RPGs and made a drastically improved PC port out of it. This time we’re checking out Dark Rose Valkyrie, a military-themed take on the formula established by the company over the years. Are there awkward romantic situations? You bet. Does someone, at some point, use the term “nii-chan?” Probably. Do you know before you even read this if it’s going to be your bag or not? Absolutely. Let’s take a look.

The Chimera Virus has attacked the Earth! It’s turning people into monsters. It’s depopulating cities. It’s making life on this planet pretty difficult to deal with. How do we deal with it? We call for the military! Protagonist Asahi and the Valkyrie Squad are here to clean the place up with giant firearms, massive swords, you know the drill. If you’ve played the Hyperdimension Neptunia games you particularly know the drill since Dark Rose Valkyrie owes a lot to those titles, including the majority of the combat system and much of the gameplay. There are some twists here and there, like the presence of a traitor in your squad, but for the most part if you’ve played previous Idea Factory games you’ve got an idea of how this one’s going to work.

Likewise, you’ve got an idea of how this one is going to work on PC: much better than it did on PS4! I’m not sure how the little black box that could still manages to struggle with these titles, but the fact is that if you’re an Idea Factory fan you’re going to have the most fun with the PC ports of their titles. It looks, sounds and runs great, even on middling hardware, so take your fresh-from-Wal-Mart box and crank everything up.

As mentioned, chances are you’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s going on here and if you’re interested in it. If you haven’t played Dark Rose Valkyrie yet and you’re familiar with the work of Idea Factory, well, you know what’s coming so out with the wallet and in with the gaming chair. If you’re new to IF, though, you might have a better time looking at something like the Neptunia Re;Birth series, which remains available on Steam for practically nothing.

About the Author: Cory Galliher