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Construction Simulator 2: Console Edition
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Construction Simulator 2: Console Edition

A nice port of the PC game that lets you build stuff on the go.

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No matter where you look there’s always a simulator title out there, from goats, to trains, to farming, they’ve you covered. After being on PC and other consoles for some time, the famed Construction Simulator 2: Console Edition makes its way onto the Nintendo Switch. If you liked playing with dump trucks as a kid and building stuff is your thing, you’ll love being able to do so on the go.

Ever wanted to start your own construction business? Well you get to live your dream here as it’s up to you to get your company off the ground and start digging into it. You’ll start off in a small location on a map and will be able to unlock other spaces to build things at as you go. You get to control your company buy managing funds, purchasing licensed construction vehicles and tackling building jobs while dealing with all the fun and stress that comes with doing so. From dealing with day and night cycles, to even fighting your way through traffic to get your vehicles from one objective to another, you can bet any task you pursue will keep you busy.

If that’s not enough action for you, there’s also achievements and goals you can aim for while taking on over 60-some jobs that range from repairing structures, paving roads, and building skyscrapers. While it can feel a bit overwhelming at first (and it can be), there’s a nice tutorial at the start that thankfully walks you through everything you need to know step by step.

There’s been a lot of PC games coming over to the Switch lately, such as The Witcher 3, so it’s always interesting to see how they’ll run on the system. This title runs pretty well for the most part, though it goes without saying that the graphics take a slight hit. Even still, everything looks, sounds, and controls well, though I did have some issues with the wonky camera. You’ll find yourself constantly having to move it around to get a better view of that action, but it’s nothing game breaking.

Construction Simulator 2: Console Edition on the Switch is a great way to get your building fix while on the go. Naturally the graphics take a slight dive from the PC version, and the camera could be better, but you’ll still have fun playing with all of the numerous construction vehicles and making your company rise higher than the buildings you make.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell