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Catlateral Damage
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Catlateral Damage

The premier cat simulator comes to PS4 with its claws intact; the cat’s meow for the true feline connoisseur.

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My lady friend and I came into a possession of a kitten in February. She’s absolutely adorable (the kitten, that is). She’s also a terror, growing even more horrifying as time goes on. There’s nowhere she won’t go, nothing she won’t pounce on, no surface that won’t taste her claws. It’s like owning a living chainsaw. With that in mind, I was better able to appreciate the PS4 port of Catlateral Damage, a cat simulator originally released on Steam.

Much like the game’s original release on Steam, Catlateral Damage takes a simple concept and runs with it on all four paws: you’re a cat. You’re going to do what cats do best, and that’s cause chaos. Your tools of destruction are a pair of front paws, which you’ll use to smack stuff onto the ground, and a pair of back paws, which you’ll use to make impressive cat-leaps up to said stuff. Plenty of successful smacking will help you meet the quota for a level, while smacking particular objects will earn you prizes like cat pictures and new playable cats.

That’s pretty much all Catlateral Damage needs to become an instant classic, really; honestly, the cat pictures alone would have done it. There’s a surprise or two in this litter box, though, like temporary power-ups you’ll earn over the course of each level by completing mini-events such as catching laser pointer dots. These provide nice boosts like super jumping, enhanced speed and the granddaddy of them all: a mighty forcefield that causes physics-based havoc that can help you reach your quota in seconds.

All in all the game feels a bit similar to one of the classic Katamari titles; you’ve even got a meow button that, uh, lets you meow. Very catlike. If you get tired of trying to meet quotas, there’s also a free play mode available that lets you cat around to your liking as long as you wish. Between the two modes and the many collectibles to look for, Catlateral Damage isn’t hurting for gameplay, though you might find it grows a bit repetitive and is best enjoyed for twenty minutes or so at a time.

There’s not a lot to say about this one that wasn’t already said in the original review, really. It’s not like they gave the cat wings or anything! Catlateral Damage is still the same ol’ true-to-life cat sim that it’s always been. If that sounds like something you’d be into – and if you’re a cat owner, it probably is – then Catlateral Damage just might be the cat’s meow.

About the Author: Cory Galliher