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Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing
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Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing

A fun VR-like experience that could’ve been more with online play.

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I’ll be honest and admit I’ve never played around with VR games, but some of them do make me wish I had a setup for it. Thankfully there’s a few VR titles out there that remove the headset requirement and allows anyone access to play. One of these is Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing, which was released for the PSVR last year and now sets anchor on Steam and the Nintendo Switch for a fun and unique game that could’ve been more with online multiplayer.

The plot starts off with you helming a flying ship in a world where the biggest show on TV is called “Bow to Blood”, where eight people controlling airships overcome various challenges and vote off the losers to determine who is the greatest captain in the end. It’s up to you and your crew to pull things together on your ship from shields, to engine power, to weapons in order to survive the show. It also helps to make allies with some of the other captains in order to make sure you don’t get voted off as well. But in a crazy world where one ally can be your friend one moment and your enemy the next, who can you trust?

Thankfully before you start your TV adventure, you’re introduced to your crew members who guide you through a tutorial where you’ll learn about the different functions of your ship, aka movement, shields, and weapons. It takes a little getting used to, but once you learn how to move your crew around the ship to access the functions you need at the time, things become a lot more fun. It’s also pretty cool that you can pull out your energy pistol and fire away on enemies that get too close for your cannons to shoot.

Your captain skills will be put to the test as you rack up points by finding hidden caches of loot, racing against other ships, and destroying enemies. Then you’ll have to use your wits to make allies and avoid enemies in-between matches. This is probably some of the most fun stuff in the game, as random captains will give you tips and clues about treasure, enemies, etc, or an enemy captain may blackmail you into paying money to not sabotage your ship.

While all of these elements come together for a good time, I was shocked to learn there isn’t any multiplayer modes featured here. One would think that game dealing with competing against others would have some sort of on or offline co-op or versus modes. Maybe this is something they’ll patch in with a future update, as it would increase the gameplay value by a ton.

If you’re looking to play something that’s VR-like but don’t have the setup, here’s your chance with Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing. Despite lacking any kind of multiplayer, the crew management, frantic action, and ally/enemy bartering system is enough to keep the winds of fun in these sails for quite some time.

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