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Blood Alloy: Reborn
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Blood Alloy: Reborn

Fans of classic Metroid and Castlevania will feel reborn in this action packed title.

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I learned that this game had a sort of troubled past, as Suppressive Fire Games had a failed Kickstarter campaign for it back in 2013. But it’s good to know they kept at it until the launch of their action packed title, Blood Alloy: Reborn was released. Those who enjoy classic 2D action platformers such as Metroid and Castlevania will find themselves at home here.

There’s not much in the way of a plot here, but you play as a cyborg named Nia, who like Samus from Metroid can slide and double jump her way to victory as you take on swarms of bad guys. The difference here though is that the levels you’re on aren’t as expansive and you’re trying your best to rack up as many points as you can. You can also switch between a blaster and a sword-like melee weapon for when the enemies get a little too close for comfort.

You’ll want to play the tutorial level before starting, as I’ll admit just being thrown into the game is a bit daunting and frustrating when the swarms of baddies show up and you have no idea what to do. Once you get used to the controls, things become a little easier as you make your way through the stages. Some of these you’ll have to replay a few times to unlock new ones, which may tick off some who play. Another annoying aspect is how slow the camera moves around, leading to some cheap deaths as Nia or the enemies you’re fighting can’t be seen properly from time to time. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future patch, but for now it’s pretty bad.

As with most indie games, this one goes for the retro 8-bit pixel art look that actually isn’t too bad and moves at a pretty smooth framerate. The best thing about this game is the music, as the thumping techno/dance-like tunes keep up pumped and into the fast paced action. I’ve read that some of the members of Suppressive Fire Games used to be former employees of Harmonix, so the awesome tunes should come as no surprise.

Despite the bad camera and the frustration of it and getting used to the controls and mechanics, Blood Alloy: Reborn is a cool title in the vein of Metroid and Castlevania that should appeal to fans of those games along with action fans. Couple this with some sweet, thumping tunes, and you have a solid good time you’ll want to blast and slash your way through.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell