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Shows enough charm and polish to demonstrate a uniqueness that’s still worth the attention of MOBA fans.

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To put it bluntly, BattleSouls is a victim of timing; it isn’t to say it has charm, some polish, and definite areas to improve into a fully-fledged MOBA, it’s just sad to say that it entered the gaming arena right when two larger – and better, honestly – products are already stealing the spotlight.

The class system equips you with three playable characters which you can change between freely, and each characters have different abilities such as magic, melee, healing and explosive damage. The aim of the game is to take control of an inhibitor and to destroy the other team’s crystals. The inhibitor is placed in the middle of the map and controlled when team members stand nearby. When one team controls that inhibitor, the shield for the opposite teams crystals is removed, leaving them vulnerable to attack and destruction.

One thing worth noting: load times are unbelievably quick, especially when the maps are being changed, but to be honest BattleSouls isn’t the most graphically intensive experience out there.

Gameplay is very fast-paced. Each character has two abilities that can be used with the right and left mouse buttons, it also has hit-markers which is quite a cool little feature for a game like this. Scrolling damage text is also present so you know how much damage you are dishing out and how much you are being hit for. The ins and outs of a match are incredibly easy to learn, and most players will be running their own show within an hour or two.

One of the most interesting things about this game is that a Shop has already been built along with the Main Screen, this could indicate that other playable characters may be available as time passes through purchase in the shop, I saw a few tabs on the shop labelled “Portraits” and “Bundles” so that gives an idea on what may possibly be available soon.

While BattleSouls is technically still in beta phase, I remain skeptical regarding its individual appeal against the larger products already dominating the server space. It has a cousin-type relationship to Blizzard’s Overwatch or even 2K’s Battleborn, but enough to demonstrate a uniqueness that’s still worth the attention. How much attention, however, is up to the player.

About the Author: Grayson Hamilton