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Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5: Same Stitch
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Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5: Same Stitch

A satisfying conclusion to Telltale’s morality questioning second season of Batman.

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The Enemy Within, the second season of Telltale’s Batman, has been one surprise after another as we’ve been led to dark places and even darker personalities. The final episode, Same Stitch, rewards those who’ve braved the darkness with a full-throttled look at the most iconic villain of them all: Joker. But, as with everything in this series, nothing is as straightforward as it seems, including major character reveals.

We witness John Doe transforming into the “prince of crime”, but this incarnation isn’t the Joker I grew up with. John is completely insane, which begs the question: did he reach this point because of the decisions he’s made for himself or the was he lead down it this path by people he trusted?

Amanda Waller is on the hunt for the serum and this time she’s not taking no for an answer. After cornering John’s lackeys in an alleyway Batman arrives on the scene and attempts to diffuse the situation, but Waller’s having none of it. She calls in Bane to deal with the situation and you’re thrown into a chaotic brawl roughly five minutes into the episode.

But it’s a memorable one; during the fight with Bane, Joker swings in to provide a helping hand and a few laughs, fighting alongside the Dark Knight like he’s always belonged there. He even sports his own version of the batarangs with the iconic clown grin splashed across each one, making for a diabolical mix that left me wondering if Bats shouldn’t take a few pointers from him about fashion sense.

Gordon even returns to the scene (albeit not in a professional capacity since he’s been let go), reconciling with our favorite batty vigilante to help bring down Amanda Waller. As we’ve come to expect with favorite Bat villains, however, even Waller isn’t above contemplating what many of her actions mean for those around her. Like the Dark Knight, is making shady compromises for the sake of saving more lives really for the greater good?

The most satisfying character arc and real star of the show is John Doe, who felt like he came out of left field with how great he was from beginning to end. To be honest, I expected him to be sinister towards the finale, but in trying to steer him in the right direction he only become more of what we expected and yet still surprisingly nuanced. The final scenes between him and Batman were guilt-trip punches to the stomach that left me wondering if my hands were stained with blood.

Even loyal Alfred questions the decisions made about choosing to don the cape each night versus doing good as Bruce Wayne. The crusade Batman undertakes may not be the answer Gotham needs at the moment, one made all the more difficult as events become peppered with shades of grey. How far is Batman willing to go for the “greater good?” Nobody involved up till this point has walked away clean. Same Stitch is a satisfying conclusion to Telltale’s The Enemy Within, one that’s going to make the long wait for Season Three all that more difficult.

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