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Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1: The Enigma
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Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1: The Enigma

Telltale sets up new threats and challenges for the caped crusader in the start of his second season.

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I have a question for the Batman villains: where do they get the time to set up these elaborate traps for their foes? Is there some kind of villain meet-up where they hold a bakery sale to get funding for their evil plans? Either way, some notable figures are making themselves known in the second season of Telltale Games’ episodic Batman series, Batman: The Enemy Within. Going back into the world of Gotham with my newly upgraded Batcomputer, I was glad to see the Dark Knight again in action with Episode 1: Enigma.

Batman (voiced once again by the always great Troy Baker) is back on the job, picking up right where he left off from the events of the first season. He’s focused on cleaning up Gotham city once again and things have never looked better for the good name of the Wayne family. The city’s crime rate has gone down and it seems the crazies have climbed back into the woodwork. Of course, such peace and tranquility can’t be allowed to last, can it?

During an undercover investigation at a casino, the nefarious Riddler makes an appearance, equipped with a torture device he uses on his victims to force them to answer his crazy riddles. In this particular case, the poor man in question lost a few fingers – until Batman and the GCPD could intervene.

As the story progresses, Riddler proves to be ruthless, with gruesome puzzles around every corner. Riddler has the skill and mindset to go up against the masked vigilante, to the point where our hero may have finally met his match. But he’s not the only new face in town. While dealing with this new threat Batman also must also deal with another heavy weight in town, Amanda Waller. She’s the head of a powerful organization called The Agency, which tracks down villains like the Riddler. Their methods of extracting information from them is….questionable.

Commissioner Gordon describes her as ruthless, and Waller couldn’t seem to care less about how she gathers her intel, even if it means risking the safety of her own people. It’s not just Batman who has his hands full, as alter-ego Bruce Wayne faces an equally hectic battle of his own. John Doe, aka the Joker, has come knocking at his door, asking for the favor made while in Arkham Asylum.

The stage has been set and the curtain drawn for this newest season in the Telltale’s take on the world of Gotham City in Batman: The Enemy Within, and the events of Episode 1: The Enigma get things started with a bang. While I loved last season, season two looks to be just as action-packed and nerve wracking as its predecessor. New threats and challenges are on Gotham’s horizon for our beloved Caped Crusader, but we won’t get to find out until next episode. And I promise this, I’ll be the first person there!

About the Author: Nia Bothwell