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Amnesia: Rebirth
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Amnesia: Rebirth

2020’s famed horror title now has enhanced thrills and chills for both the PC and PlayStation 5.

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When most gamers think of first-person, survival horror titles, ones such as the Resident Evil VII and the upcoming Village come to mind. There’s another series that has built up some acclaim called Amnesia, with the third and latest entry from October 2020 titled Amnesia: Rebirth. It just recently received a new update for both PC and PlayStation 5 players for some enhanced scares and an all-new mode that breathes new life into battling the dead.

Taking place nearly a hundred years after the last game, The Dark Descent, we’re now in the year 1937 and firmly in the shoes of Anastasie “Tasi” Trianon, a French archeologist on an expedition in Africa with her colleagues and husband Salim. As they get close to their destination, the plane crashes in the desert and Tasi wakes up to find everyone is missing and has no memory of what happened afterwards.

It’s up to you to guide her to the expedition site and find her husband and team, but of course this means making your way through dark caves and other spooky areas filled with scary monsters that will take a toll on Tasi’s already fragile mental state, which you’ll have to keep under control or it’s game over. Thankfully you’ll find items to help with that such as matches and other light sources to navigate through these creepy areas, as well as spots to stay out of sight from any creatures you come across.

Yes, this is one of those games where you’re armed with only your wits to run and hide from monsters. So you can already imagine the challenge that comes with trying to keep Tasi (as well as yourself) calm from scary high-definition visuals and noises while also avoiding creatures as you make your way through and gather clues and items to figure out what’s going on.

Thanks to the recently released patch, a new “Adventure” mode has been added that removes all of the monsters and creepy stuff should you wish you to focus solely on making your way through the main story. For PlayStation 5 players, the patch makes an already great looking experience look and feel even better thanks to an added 60fps, which is an awesome step up from the locked 30fps for both the base PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles. The future looks pretty nice!

In addition, there’s also a few new puzzles to solve to spice things up and make up for the lack of monsters and fear inducing bits, so players will get a challenge no matter which mode they decide to check out. So if you’re looking to test your fear threshold while solving puzzles and avoiding monsters, then Amnesia: Rebirth is your game. Fans coming from last year’s release have new reasons to play and fall in love with it again while newcomers get to experience the rebirth of a new classic.

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