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Alphadia Genesis (Wii U, Steam)
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Alphadia Genesis (Wii U, Steam)

Kemco and Natume release an old school RPG that anyone can pick up and enjoy!

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It’s slim picking out there when it comes to a quality RPG on Nintendo’s Wii U at the moment. Thankfully, Kemco and Natsume have stepped up and imported one (also available on Steam and mobile devices) with Alphadia Genesis. It may be a smaller budget title for the system, but still manages to combine great characters and an old school turn-based battle system and feel that should satisfy any who give it a chance. Besides, its not like the console is flowing with quality JRPGs.

The story is small but it wins points for clarity: its been fifteen years since the Energi War where factions across the land created clones to fight and gather “Energi” to sustain their kingdoms. Now the clones have began to go around killing people for no reason, and the king of Archleign has selected two orphans named Fray and his sister Aurra to travel the land and find out why the clones are going berserk and put a stop to it. Of course this will involve them meeting and making new friends along the way, as they’ll need all the help they can get to stop the clones and whoever is controlling them.

Anyone familiar with fantasy anime or RPGs before will be instantly at home with the cliched, yet entertaining character stereotypes presented here. There’s the fired up but humble main guy Fray, his sister Aurra is quiet, shy and powerful, and so on. As you fight your way through monsters and quests, you’ll earn experience points to level up your characters as well as acquire new skills and gear to help aid you. One thing that surprised me about this title is how easy / simple it is. Some may not like the fact that you don’t have to grind levels to past hard enemies or bosses, but I found it a welcomed change of pace. You can tell the developers wanted to focus on being able to make your way through the story versus being stuck at difficult areas, but perhaps they could’ve included a hardcore option next to the easy and normal ones here for those looking for a real challenge.

The graphics and sound definitely have a classic look and feel that may excite some while turning away others. While the character art and animation are a bit on the stiff side, I actually didn’t mind as it brought up feelings of nostalgia from my old RPG playing days. The sounds and music fit pretty well as the soundtrack hits all the right parts such as getting you pumped up in battle or feeling sad when a character is going through some drama. To make things even more interesting, you can play the game on the Wii U’s gamepad that’s sure to make old school gamers feel as though they’re playing a classic RPG on the 3DS or Game Boy Advance.

It may turn some away with it’s simple look and charm, but I enjoyed playing my way through Alphadia Genesis. Kemco and Natsume have done a great job bringing a predictable but fun RPG to the Wii U that will instantly instill fond memories of days gone by to old school gamers while hopefully making some great memories for newcomers willing to give it a chance.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell