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A light-hearted but enjoyable isometric RPG for kids and adults alike.

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Anyone that reads my reviews knows that I love isometric RPG’s (heck, I just reviewed Diablo 3’s latest DLC recently). So when I saw Triangle Studios’ AereA that takes this genre and places a music-themed spin on it, I knew I had to give it a try. I’m happy to say I did, as it’s a light-hearted and fun game that both kids and their parents can play together.

Taking place on the floating island of Aezir that’s powered by music, the player takes the role of one of four characters to keep the island and it’s people safe. There’s Jacques the Cello-Knight, Wolff the Harp-Archer, Jules the Lute-Mage, and Claude the Trumpet-Gunner, each with their own playstyles for those who enjoy up-close melee fighting or long ranged battles. What’s pretty neat about these heroes are that their weapons are musical instruments such as Wolff using a harp like a bow and arrow, or Claude using two trumpets as though dual-wielding two guns. After playing through a tutorial of sorts and working your way to the main hub of the island, you’ll be sent on quests and missions from protecting people to finding some missing legendary instruments.

Thanks to the combat being simple and easy, the gameplay is great for anyone to pick up and play. There’s two attack options, your main attack and a secondary one such as a kick for long range heroes or block attack for melee fighters, and some spells and skills you’ll learn as you fight and level up that cause nice amounts of damage to any enemies you come across. One of the best things about this title is that you can play with another player locally or up to three other friends for some four player action online. As with any game such as this, it’s always made better when playing with others, as it’ll make both the battles and puzzles easier to get through. Oh yes, there’s a few puzzles you’ll encounter, but they’re nothing too difficult for you and your group to solve. For a budget title, the visuals and sounds are surprisingly well done, as the graphics have a clean and simple look about them with good animation and framerate in tow, and the music and sounds fit the game and it’s musical instrument theme perfectly.

If you enjoy isometric RPG’s and have kids around that want to play as well, you can’t go wrong with AereA. Featuring a cutesy fun look, great music and gameplay, and up to four players getting their co-op fix, this game hits all the right notes for a good time that anyone can pick up and conduct their own adventures in.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell