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E3 2018: Trion Worlds Brings Us Trove: Geode and Defiance 2050
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E3 2018: Trion Worlds Brings Us Trove: Geode and Defiance 2050

Trion Worlds shows off sequels and expansions for two of their most popular games to keep fans busy.

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In our E3 travels, we met with some Trion Worlds representatives that discussed some new and existing online games launching soon. These included Trove: Geode, an expansion to massively multiplayer Minecraft-alike Trove that takes players to a whole new world full of resources to collect and caverns to explore.

Trove is known for being a great chill-out game and this expansion aims to continue that legacy, at least at first; initially, Geode’s focus will be on the laid-back exploration of a series of procedurally-generated (i.e. random) caverns. Later, more combat-heavy content will be introduced for the more bloodthirsty players out there.

Speaking of combat, shooter fans might want to check out Defiance 2050, essentially a sequel to the shooter Defiance. I wasn’t especially fond of the original title since it was hurting for polish and gameplay direction, but my experience with 2050 suggested that Trion’s gone a long way to address players’ concerns. In particular, the original Defiance had a bizarre nonstandard leveling and class system that made it difficult to tell how powerful your character was and how to improve.

Mercifully, 2050 goes with a more traditional system where your character has a defined class and associated abilities. Your character is able to swap classes and associated loadouts on the fly; I was surprised to find that this even includes during combat, allowing you to choose just the right gear for the right foes. Thankfully, fans should have their patience rewarded when Defiance 2050 launches later this summer.

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