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E3 2018: SEGA Revs Their Engines With Sonic Team Racing
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E3 2018: SEGA Revs Their Engines With Sonic Team Racing

SEGA puts the pedal to the metal with the return of Sonic Racing; now with team-based play!

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It wouldn’t be E3 without a visit with SEGA, who were kind enough to let us take a look at Sonic Team Racing, signaling the return of the company’s respectable alternative to a certain plumber’s best-selling alternative. Here, the focus is all on Sonic characters; there’s no crossover going on this time so far as I could tell. This one shakes up the racing formula a little bit with its team aspects – when you race, you’re racing as part of a three-person team and are able to assist each other in numerous ways.

Offering your team items, speed boosts and such is helpful enough, but teamwork also fills up an Ultimate gauge that allows for a massive, unstoppable blast of speed that will carry you to the front of the pack. I can’t say I was especially fond of the characters’ comically chatty nature, but that’s just Sonic these days, and for what it’s worth the racing and team gimmick alike were both interesting.

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