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E3 2018: Metro: Exodus Hands-on: The Beautiful Abyss
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E3 2018: Metro: Exodus Hands-on: The Beautiful Abyss

Cory and Nia go hands-on with the latest entry in the Metro 2033 universe; don’t get scared.

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The impossibly cheerful Nia and I wrapped up our first day on the floor with some hands-on time with the upcoming open-world shooter from 4A Games and Deep Silver Metro: Exodus, the latest entry in a surprisingly fleshed-out world of games, novels and more.

Fans will be pleased as punch to know series protagonist Artyom returns in this entry; rather than the typical gloomy tunnels of previous Metro titles, this one takes place above ground, a brutal frontier that’s now crawling with bandits, crazed religious fanatics and deadly mutants. Exodus leans heavily on the ability to play the game your way, and I found that a stealth-heavy approach was highly effective at minimizing unnecessary conflict and conserving ammo.

During the hands-on demo I had an unpleasant encounter with the aforementioned religious fanatics, who managed to trap Artyom in a compound and force him to sneak and battle his way out. In a surprising touch, once stealth failed and I was forced to result to some highly successful violence, the enemy forces actually realized when they were taking unmanageable losses, dropped their weapons and gave up.

From this point I was able to walk out of the compound unmolested from that point, having demonstrated my superior shooty-bang skills. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that in an FPS before, but it was a great touch and something I hope happens more than once throughout the final game. Metro: Exodus unleashes its beautiful goriness on PC and capable consoles next year.

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