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E3 2018: Hitman 2 Hands-on: These Fish Are Deadly
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E3 2018: Hitman 2 Hands-on: These Fish Are Deadly

Cory goes hands-on with the upcoming assassination sequel Hitman 2; watch out for those fish.

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In a strange twist of fate the booth that turned out to be my longest visit at the show concerned a hands-on demo with Warner Bros.’ Hitman 2, the sequel to the popular episodic series of garrote-’em-ups that began in 2016. Much like that game, we control chrome-domed assassin Agent 47 as he’s placed into a series of scenarios where someone needs a good killin’; in this case 47 was attending a high-tech race and needed to take out a driver.

While several opportunities to make this happen presented themselves, I went with a somewhat convoluted approach. By trailing, poisoning and then surreptitiously taking out one of the driver’s mechanics, I was able to get into the target’s garage and assume that mechanic’s role. When she came in for a pit stop, I was able to stop a remote mine on her vehicle. From there, it was a snap to head back up to the stands, hit the trigger and observe my explosive handiwork from a safe distance. Satisfying, to be sure, and that’s saying nothing about the multiple fish-based knockouts I was able to perform on varying NPCs during the mission using a frozen trout I’d picked up from the event’s kitchen.

Hitman 2 didn’t seem to introduce any hugely revolutionary ideas to the mix, but it didn’t really need to – the original series did a great job of capturing the feel of being an ingenious assassin. If that’s the kind of fix you’re looking for then get ready to step back into the world of assassination – and killer fish attacks – when Hitman 2 attacks the PC, PS4, and Xbox One November 13th.

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