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E3 2018: Gearbox Software Pits Journos Against Each Other in 1v1
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E3 2018: Gearbox Software Pits Journos Against Each Other in 1v1

The creators of Borderlands show off their mysterious high-octane arena shooter 1v1.

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I won’t lie: while I went into Gearbox Software’s presentation expecting to see something new related to Borderlands (which I knew was the longest of long shots), I was still pleasantly surprised to be placed into a match of their new two-player arena shooter mysteriously named Project 1v1.

It’s essentially a very small-scale take on something like Quake deathmatch with an array of customization options available. Using a card-based system, players can choose a loadout of weapons and abilities to take into each match; planning ahead and finding gear and skills that synergize with one another is key to successful victories and boastful outcomes.

Here’s a hint: I went 11-1 and 10-5 against other journos using a combination of a shotgun, stealth and a dash. Can you still be a games journalist if you’re not terrible at video games? Who knows? Who knows if Project 1v1 will even be called that when it’s eventually released. I wish I could share more with you but that’s not possible right now. Still, in the meantime you can head over to their site and sign up for updates and availability right HERE!

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