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E3 2018: Aksys Games Gives Us An Adorable Taste Of Little Dragons Cafe
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E3 2018: Aksys Games Gives Us An Adorable Taste Of Little Dragons Cafe

Aksys Games gave us a taste test of Little Dragons Cafe.

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As much as I appreciate the inclusion of global game developers into the gaming family, I was still a little hungry for more of that distinctly Japanese-style fun while browsing the endless show floor of E3. Thankfully, Aksys Games was happy to show off their upcoming import of Little Dragons Cafe, which comes from Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada. I passed the hands-on fun with this one to Nia Bothwell, which turned out to be a wise choice as the game’s utter cuteness quickly reduced my colleague into a squee-ing fangirl the moment she laid eyes on it.

As either a male or female twin, you’ll work to run a cafe, cook delicious food and raise a baby dragon in order to save your sick mother. From my perspective, the most interesting thing here was how visually striking the game was. There’s a sort of cross-hatch technique going on that makes everything look like a child’s storybook, not unlike its spiritual predecessor.

I will admit the whole effect is utterly charming and adorable, which should make Harvest Moon fans happy – much like my shamelessly addicted colleague. Little Dragons Cafe invades both PlayStation 4 and Switch consoles later this summer with its cuteness, so make those reservations now.

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