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E3 2016: Titanfall 2 Impressions
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E3 2016: Titanfall 2 Impressions

EA hopes expanded mechs – and platforms – makes Titanfall 2 the blockbuster experience the first game promised.

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From what we’ve seen at E3 2016, EA’s Titanfall 2 is shaping up to be one hell of a game, a gross understatement if you loved the original parkour/mech battlezone. It was the killer app on everybody’s Xbox One wishlist…right until it came out and interest waned like a buzzfeed. It was a game that had million and then none, and that’s a bit of a shame as the game showed over-the-top potential among its fellow annual first-person shooters.

But EA knows that Respawn Entertainment had created a real moneymaker worth the effort – all it really needed was more Titans and a proper single-player campaign to be complete. Oh, and to be available on more than one platform. That always helps.


I enjoyed the first game, but wasn’t in love with its emphasis on a pure online multiplayer experience. The whole execution was limiting and at the mercy of a incoherent plot marred by overworked servers. It was at best, an experiment to test how little people were willing to play for something stripped to bare function. However, we’re promised a better window into the game’s universe – but that remains to be seen.

Because this is EA Play, Our time was strictly about the multiplayer forays which didn’t involve content in the way of plot. However, if you didn’t care about that in the previous entry then you’ll be happy to know that the action is bigger and better. The objective was under the guise of retrieving a salvageable battery from a opposing Titan, actually, it was an good excuse to take the enemy team head-on and kill anything that moves.

But I’m fine with that, because the titans are more unique than in size alone. There are six variants and the two that were shown (Scorch and Ion) are tailored to namesake. Scorch is meant set things ablaze and focused on head-on rush attacks, while Ion has laser and electricity working on its side.

On foot, wallrunning and jetpacks remains and engaging dynamic that makes quick work of sprinting terrain, but the grappling hook was biggest game-changer of the 10-v-10 demo. It fairly easy to use and keeps you moving at a rapid pace by scaling buildings, and using it tactically as you can climb on to an opposing titan and take out the pilot. It looked fake when I watched the trailer, but as a matter of fact, it can be done with relatively effective ease at least once.

I only had 10 minutes of playtime with Titanfall 2 at the EA Play event but came away with a newfound interest in the series. Respawn Entertainment did two things right with Titanfall 2: left the core gameplay intact while changing the finer details, and acknowledging that substance is equal to the arena-based action. A tall order for sure, but probably worth the effort for real fans when the game drops this October for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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