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E3 2015: Logitech G29/G920 Driving Wheel Hands-On Impressions
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E3 2015: Logitech G29/G920 Driving Wheel Hands-On Impressions

Logitech G give us the next-gen steering wheels our consoles and PC racing games deserve.

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It’s been six years since I last set foot in the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3 and, for better or worse, I thought that would be the last. Good thing I was mistaken. The world’s biggest gaming show isn’t just about game trailer, crowds, and cosplayers – there was also some relief as I found my friends over at Logitech and their quiet little meeting room very accommodating.

Their gaming division, affectionately known by “G”, revealed their latest steering wheel lineup for current generation consoles and PC. For PlayStation 3 and PS4 owners Logitech G brought us the G29 while the Xbox One gets the G920. If the naming scheme is confusing, don’t worry, as both models are basically twins in terms of looks, performance, and basic functionality. The only real difference is they’re meant to work for their own respective console and PC only.

It should go without saying that force feedback control and button integration comes standard, and what Logitech has on tap does provides a more authentic experience when playing racing games such as Driveclub (PS4), Forza Motorsport 6 (Xbox One), and F1 2014 (PC).


Admittedly, the task of video game driving is changed significantly with any wheel and the G29/G920 will be daunting if you’ve been using a gamepad exclusively – some patience and a lot of crashing was required to get acquainted to the sensitivity and paddle shifters. But once I familiarized myself, it really did feel like second nature, if a little more abrasive than I’d like when taking anything above a moderate turn or hairpin curve.

Enthusiasts won’t mind but everyday racing gamers will probably need to relearn the basics to fully appreciated the enhanced feel of what Logitech is offering here. For those interested, $399.99 will net you either one of Logitech G’s G29 or G920 steering wheels and a three-foot pedal attachment (you’ll have to pony up another $59 for the stick shifter). The race begins next month in July.


About the Author: Herman Exum