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E3 2013: Hands-On: DuckTales: Remastered
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E3 2013: Hands-On: DuckTales: Remastered

Peter takes a quack at Capcom’s upcoming remaster of the NES classic, DuckTales for XBLA and PSN.

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Fresh off of its success with Double Dragon NEON last year, WayForward Technologies strikes gold again with its interpretation of 1989’s DuckTales for the NES. Published by Capcom, DuckTales: Remastered adds voiceovers (featuring the original cast), high-definition graphics, and a more fleshed-out storyline and script to the original game and is a blast to play.

I spent a few minutes playing the Amazon level of the game. Before gameplay begins, Scrooge McDuck and Launchpad engage in some pre-level banter, setting the scene for Scrooge to seek out the King’s Scepter. The conversations between Scrooge and Launchpad here and during gameplay are pretty funny and feel more like the original cartoon series than the original game did. There are more animations for Scrooge in this game, from idling animations to jumping and injury routines. The music has been redone by Virt (Jake Kaufman), the same talent who put together the stellar soundtrack for Double Dragon NEON and other titles by WayForward, and respectfully bases itself on the original game’s soundtrack while adding new elements.

Once the gameplay begins, it’s classic DuckTales. Scrooge pogos on enemies and jumps to reach platforms and ropes. The familiar enemies are all here, from the snakes to the duck-eating plants to the apes. Hidden in chests, blocks, and special areas of the level are various amounts of gold to collect along with coins which are used to unlock the path to the treasure and the boss that guards it. The controls felt just right to me, and that’s perhaps the most important thing when bringing back a well-remembered game like DuckTales is.

What we know now about DuckTales: Remastered is that three levels from the original game – The Amazon, Transylvania, and The Moon – are confirmed, with more levels being unveiled as we get closer to the game’s release. Capcom has not yet nailed down a specific release date, but when they do, I’ll be waiting to get my hands on it. Whether you’ve played the original game (as I have) or whether you’re a new visitor to Duckburg, DuckTales Remastered already looks to be a treasure hunt that you’re going to want to take.


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