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E3 2012: Exclusive Photo Gallery From the Floor 01
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E3 2012: Exclusive Photo Gallery From the Floor 01

Check out our first exclusive gallery of photos and pix taken directly from the floor of E3 2012. Let the digital fun begin!

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The photographic fun begins with our first gallery of exclusive pix snapped by none other than our own analytic maestro, Peter Skerritt, as he cruised and perused the isles of E3 2012. Here Peter concludes his one-man attempt to capture as much of the fury, frivolity, and fanatical fun of what it’s like to be on the floor of the world’s biggest videogame show.

But if a single gallery isn’t enough to sate your thirst for digital delights be sure to check out the stunning conclusion with our second gallery right HERE! And if that’s not enough gaming goodness for you feel free to click on the banner below for the rest of our exclusive coverage of E3 2012. What’s not to love?

About the Author: Trent McGee