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E3 2011: Popzara E3 Photo Gallery 2 – Inside the Show
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E3 2011: Popzara E3 Photo Gallery 2 – Inside the Show

Check out the Popzara Posse’s exclusive photos snapped while inside the world’s biggest videogame show, E3 2011!

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Now we’re in the thick of it! How much can we take in with all of the razzle-dazzle around us? Hey, what’s that over there? No wait, over there! Check that out! Ooh ooh, look over here! Whoa! What’s that? Hey! Over here! Look! Wow! Would you look at that?! Amazing! Can you keep up with the Popzara posse? I hope you brought your running shoes. Ha. And make sure you tie ’em tight, alright?

For easier access, check out the rest of our exclusive photo galleries just below – it’s just like being there, only cheaper!

Photo Gallery 01 – Entering the Show
Photo Gallery 02 – Inside the Show
Photo Gallery 03 – Toys and Gadgets
Photo Gallery 04 – Booths and Demos
Photo Gallery 05 – More Booths and Exiting the Show

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