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Dragon Eggs (iOS)
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Dragon Eggs (iOS)

RGH Games’ debut title is a fun puzzle title that should please fans of dragons and those who enjoy their casual fun in short, fiery spurts.

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Dragon Eggs is the debut release from RGH Games, they’ve done a a pretty decent job on this puzzle challenge title that’s bound to entertain iOS gamers who are looking to spend their time on something else besides the other generic puzzlers out there. RGH hired F84 Games (Man vs. Wild: The Game, Railroad Madness) to assist with development and production duties for the game, and the result is a fun puzzle title that should please fans of dragons and those who enjoy their casual fun in short, fiery spurts.

The game puts you in control a mother dragon named Orella that’s trying to carry her un-hatched baby Oswyn through three danger filled stages, each containing levels that total up to 45 puzzles to flap your way through. You do this by tapping the left side of the screen to flap her left wing that makes you move right, and tapping the right side flaps the right wing that makes you head left, or tap both sides to fly straight up. This scheme does take some getting used to, but you’ll be flapping wings with the best of them in no time as you use them in a combination of ways to steer Orella through the levels and into her treasure laden nest, all while trying to keep her egg from rolling off her back.

There’s also gems that appear from time to time that you can collect, which allow you to blow fire to take out obstacles in your way. And you’ll have to make sure you use them wisely to get through the levels, as there’s only a finite amount per level to use. And for those who want even more, if you’re able to get a high enough score on each level, there’s time based challenges you can unlock, as well as a hidden character. There’s also achievements to unlock, and you can also show off your scores on Game Center.

The graphics, while very simplistic, look pretty good on the iPad’s bigger screen. They’re nice and clean, with just a hint of cuteness to them. Likewise, the music and sound effects are high quality and fit the game well, as you’ll hear plenty of wing flapping, fire breathing, and bouncing off walls and obstacles as you play.

While Dragon Eggs may not be the most original puzzle title out there, RGH Games has crafted a charming adventure for their very first title that combines cute dragons with simplistic, yet often challenging egg-saving gameplay. The game’s simple controls and stylized artwork work extremely well, especially for little hands playing on larger iPad screens. Like so many games available on the App Store you probably won’t want to play for more than a few minutes at a time, but with so many levels available that probably won’t be an issue for most people. If you’re looking for a simple game to help pass the time and won’t break your wallet, flap on over to the iTunes store and give this game a try. Despite the dragons and fiery levels, this is one fun game that doesn’t just blow smoke.

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