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A Space Shooter for Free (iOS)
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A Space Shooter for Free (iOS)

A fun, but often frustrating bullet-hell shooter for iOS devices that more than lives up to its name.

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Firma Studio’s A Space Shooter for Free is a zany, over-the-top shooter game that may frustrate casual iOS gamers, but will really appeal to fans of the ‘bullet hell’ shoot-em up genre. For those who didn’t know, this title is based off A Space Shooter for Two Bucks that was released as a PSN mini game last year. And while this version is free, you can unlock the “Big Ass Version” that grants all the upgrades and weapons to use right from the start for 99 cents.

You control a spaceship piloted by Commander P. Jefferson, who is a stereotypical macho, one-liner yelling hot shot who hates aliens more than anything. So when some decide to attack the earth, he’s more than ready to blow them away. This is where you come in, as you place your finger near his ship on your iOS touchscreen, and slide it around to move and automatically fire at anything that moves. As you play and destroy the baddies, you’ll be able to collect power-ups and upgrades for your ship. From increasing your shields, to collecting bigger, more powerful weapons, you’ll need these in the fight against the challenging aliens.

And boy is this game challenging, as things can become very chaotic while bullets and enemies fly in from all over the place, making it quite the task to get from one checkpoint in any of the game’s three levels to another. Even though it can be tough trying to dodge stuff with your finger sometimes being in the way, you’ll want to keep playing just to keep experiencing the tongue-in-cheek atmosphere, and to hear the funny one-liners Jefferson yells out like “Guess who’s going to space hell?!” as you make your way though either the campaign/story mode, or while testing your skills in survival mode.

Luckily for iOS users the game is available separately on the iPhone/iPod as well as the iPad, the latter featuring sharper, high-definition visuals and more space for you to maneuver around the insane bullets/baddies you have to dodge. Besides that, the game is identical on all platforms.

A Space Shooter for Free is a fun, though extremely challenging addition to the growing line-up of quality shooters for the iOS platform. While it may frustrate some, it’s never to the point where you want to give up, especially when you want to keep playing to hear the zany one-liners and see how much damage you can inflict with your increasingly powered-up weapons. And the best thing of all is that it’s (mostly) free, making it a win-win for fans of the genre looking to zoom right into the chaos. For those of you who might have missed its PSP (and slightly more expensive) release, here’s your chance to experience one of the most original ‘bullet hell’ shooters currently available on your iOS device.

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