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Popzara Visits 2010 Planet Comicon in Kansas City

Popzara Visits 2010 Planet Comicon in Kansas City

A look at Kansas City’s best comic convention, including artist props, photos, and a special cosplay gallery straight from the show!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For those of us who love to brave the world of cons (conventions), each is special in their own unique way.  Planet Comicon in Kansas City is such a place, and as one of the area’s longest-running gatherings of traditional comic book and affiliated celebrity guests (check out my One Quick-Minute with Lou “The Hulk” Ferrigno right HERE), it’s managed to entertain and give fans one of the most enjoyable con experiences around.  Called a ‘small’ con by some of the people I overheard, it has arguably one of the biggest hearts.  In fact, just two days out on the floor and mingling with the guests and media celebrities and I was worn out to exhaustion — and I’m the same guy who survived the San Diego Comic Con last year.  Much respect.

Planet Comicon is a rare breed of convention nowadays, offering a good-sized artist alley, good dealers, and a wide range of guests that span both the film and comic industries.  There’s also an emphasis on local and up-and-coming artists, and anyone familiar with Kansas City’s comic scene can attest to how valuable that is to them.  The cosplay isn’t half bad either, with a regular contingent of storm troopers and rebel scum to make any Star Wars fan feel right at home. General super hero (i.e. non-Star Wars) cosplay was also surprisingly good, and I was particularly impressed with the work put into one attendees version of Marvel’s Deadpool (see the cosplay gallery below).

The artist turnout for this year was what really caught my attention as I will travel to a con solely for their artist line-up if they’re worth the trip. Greats like Michael Golden, the co-creator of Rogue from X-Men and Gary Friedrich, the creator of Ghost Rider. Other notables, especially major KC local talent like Travis Fox and Damont Jordan as well as larger talent like Talent Caldwell and Eric (E.Bas) Basaldua. Other creators like Grant Cooley, who have never gone to a con as an artist, found themselves welcomed graciously.

Dealers were ranging from golden-age comics, to high grade sealed and locked comics to half off hard covers. One could find anything, be it limited-edition hard cover that was discontinued, to an old issue of Superman, and for a decent price at that. Planet Comicon’s dealers also offered up videogames, action figures, statues and incentives; it just boiled down on where to look and how much you’re willing to pay.

The weather might have put a damper  in the beginning, but even a few drizzles didn’t slow down the pacing of this bulldog of a convention once it got on its pace. Props go to Chris Jackson and the staff for their hospitality, and Popzara crew is looking forward to next year and beyond.  Keep reading for a special picture gallery below, which include guest artists and fans, as well as a special cosplay gallery towards the bottom.  Fun times, and thanks to everyone who let me snap their picture!


Damont Jordan (who I need to get off my butt and chat with when he gets some free time), Talent Caldwell (who drew an awesome Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII), Rick Burchett (is so old school and knowledgeable that it’s a crime to second guess him), Dorian Kursh (who I desperately need to get a hold of and talk with more), Phil Noto (super-busy the whole time, but cool enough to take a picture with me), Grant Cooley (who let me have a Wonder Woman print for so low, I had a cop stop me and ask me if I robbed the poor guy. My response was… yes), Jolene Houser (who does an amazing X-23 and wears a killer beanie), Travis Fox and Daniel Spottswood (who need to get more credit, but don’t which is why they’re here on this shout out), and Popzara (who sent me to this con and reignited my passion for networking, art and comic books)





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