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Deva Zan
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Deva Zan

Amano’s debut creates an entirely new dimension of gorgeous, billowing paintings and prose that compliment each other in a memorable adventure you won’t soon forget.

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Yoshitaka Amano is a well-respected personality in the world of illustration, especially celebrated in the videogame world for his critical role in Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy series of role-playing games. His extensive publishing credits also include Vampire Hunter D and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman as well, and his unique style is nothing less than haunting.

At long last, Amano has officially joined the publishing industry by way of a brand new English-language novel with Deva Zan, a staggering 300 page epic that was over a decade in the making. With it he’s created an entirely new dimension of gorgeous, billowing paintings and prose that compliment each other quite well to craft a memorable and suitably epic adventure that you won’t soon forget.

Deva Zan, brought to us via Dark Horse Books, follows an ex-warrior named Zan. He’s forgotten who he is, having once worked with the last few Samurai of yore. He finds refuge in dreams, where he struggles to find out just who and what he is. One day, he finds himself plagued by the voice of a young girl who simply beckons him: “Open your eyes.” The mystery begins to unfold from there as the perspective swaps to New York – a young man named Hunter seems to share Zan’s memories. How are Hunter and Zan connected? Why are they sharing the same dream?

These questions along with flowery prose and Amano’s striking illustrations move the tale along at a rapid pace (sometimes a bit disjointed, but that’s to be expected with a memory lapse timeline) and keep you engaged, page after page. More than a simple graphic novel, the beautifully-detailed paintings accompany the text and offer a glimpse into the ethereal world of Zan and his companions. Amano’s prose is just as striking as the artwork accompanying it, and Deva Zan is a brilliant introductory novel that fans of his work and the simultaneously classic and futuristic should take the time to explore.

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Yoshitaka Amano

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