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Welcome to the All New Popzara!
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Welcome to the All New Popzara!

The (mostly) new Popzara Press website is alive and open for business. Pardon our mess as we transition into the future.

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Wolf Man has a bone to pick with anyone who likes bad web design…

Since closing the doors on our original website a few weeks back the cast and crew of Popzara Press have been working diligently behind the scenes on the next-generation fusion of the pop culture, opinion, and big green dinosaurs (wearing hats, of course). It could only mean one thing: the Popzara website was getting a makeover.

Without question, this was long overdue, and such change meant leaving our beloved – and prehistoric – old website to the annals of internet history, embracing the best that modern open-source philosophy could offer, with a twist.

At long last we’re happy to reveal that the all-new Popzara is fueled up and ready to go. This means a host of great new features, upgraded artwork, a cooler logo, and even a few new friends for more editorial excellence.

Visitors can expect a better browsing experience, with content easier to discover and share than ever before, as well as a flexible design that looks great on both home and mobile devices. For our publishing and content provider friends this means better tracking and excellent social-media integration for better coverage of products and other assorted goodies.

With so many new tools and toys at our disposal we’re anxious to put them to work, and ask you pardon the mess as we settle into our new digs as bugs are squashed and cobwebs cleaned, tweaking and refining the (mostly) new Popzara into the best experience possible.


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