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When Sharks Attack With Kindness (2021)
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When Sharks Attack With Kindness (2021)

You’ll want to get bit by this shark book packed with cuteness, kindness, and positivity.

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After the negative storm that was 2020, and with it spilling over into this year, everyone could stand to use some positivity in their lives. Thankfully our friends over at Andrews McMeel just released quite possibly the most cutest, sweetest positive book of the year with When Sharks Attack With Kindness by Andrés J. Colmenares. Newcomers and anyone familiar with his Wawawiwa webcomics will absolutely fall in love with the cute art and most importantly, will want to get bit by the sweet positivity this book provides in droves.

Written and illustrated by Andrés J. Colmenares, this collection of some of his famous webcomics is packed to the brim with cuteness and kindness, as he takes various sea creatures besides the ever kind and polite shark, and sets up small but fun adventures that always end with a kind and positive message that makes the reader feel good.

From helping a Narwhal to use their horn as a selfie stick to take pictures with friends, to bringing coffee to a great white shark that has what I’d call “resting scary face” which makes him less scary looking, the main shark character does whatever they can to help others and make them (as well as you, the reader) feel good.

Each of the 120+ pages brought a smile to my face and warm, fuzzy feelings to my heart as I read through each of the comics. I can say without a doubt that this is a book I’ll turn to anytime 2021 or any year starts to make me feel down. It just has a special kind of innocent charm that’s rare in today’s world, and most likely something I haven’t seen or felt this strongly since growing up with some of the cartoons of the 80s (Teddy Ruxpin and the Care Bears come to mind).

As if the book wasn’t already cool and cute enough, I like how there’s a QR code at the back of the book that allows you to listen to the soundtrack which is also composed by Colmenares. Who better to make music for reading this to other than the person who wrote it, right? This awesome treat just serves to make an already sweet book even more so.

When Sharks Attack With Kindness is the perfect book to pick up and let its cute characters and sweet stories wash over you anytime life seems to close in on you from all sides. Andrés J. Colmenares does an awesome job making sure readers will come for the fun and cute artwork, but will stay for the stories that will leave you positively smitten (and bitten).

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