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The World According to Thor (2015)
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The World According to Thor (2015)

Marvel’s Thor shows us the world through his eyes in this fun and informative book.

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With the Avengers: Age of Ultron and other films from Marvel Studios being out there, it only makes sense to capitalize on them while the iron is still hot. Publisher Insight Editions has taken some of Marvel’s greatest heroes and have made “The World According to” book series that shows how everyday life is through their eyes. The one we have to review is The World According to Thor written by Marc Sumerak and illustrated by Freddie E. Williams II, that packed with amazing artwork and often times hilarious dialogue as the prince of Asgard takes readers on a tour of all things Thor.

Running at about 64 pages, the book kicks off with Thor explaining to readers that while most know him as a member of the Avengers, that some may not know his origins and history. This is where he explains all sorts of details that should be familiar to fans while informing those new to the god of thunder. Key things such as his banishment to Midgard (or Earth as we mortals know it), to how his famous hammer Mjolnir came to be, and even a tour of all the nine realms with some brief facts on each of them are just some of the cool things you’ll find him talking about here.

While readers go on this awesome and humorous journey (it’s fun reading how naive Thor is about simple things, like trying to use his hammer to put furniture together with disastrous results), there’s plenty of amazing illustrations littered throughout the book. Everything from the backgrounds of traveling throughout the universe, to pictures of Thor’s friends and enemies are all drawn and colored nicely, which is sure to please fans while drawing newcomers deeper into the world and life of Thor.

If you’re a Thor fan or just like comic books, you can’t go wrong with The World According to Thor. There’s plenty of funny and informative dialogue, as well as great artwork throughout the book that will have any who read chuckling while also being amazed at all the things Thor has experienced and goes through on a daily basis. Most will want to check out the other books in this series after reading, and will wonder what other fun Marvel stuff will Insight Editions publish next.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell