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The World According to Iron Man (2015)
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The World According to Iron Man (2015)

Insight Editions lets Tony Stark tell it all and more in his ‘World According to’ book!

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I enjoyed Insight Editions The World According to Thor, as it gave a very personal and often times funny look into the life and times of the infamous Norse legend. Now we come to another popular Marvel character getting to share his life and adventures in The World According to Iron Man. Here readers will get to know all sorts of cool facts about Tony Stark and his trials in becoming Iron Man along with things fans and those new to the Marvel universe will find intriguing.

Writers Larry Hama and Marc Sumerak give us a fun tale through 60-some pages that is told from Tony’s perspective who acts a lot like the famous Robert Downey Jr. incarnation of the character, leading me to hear his voice in my head as I read through. It’s here that he shares a lot of the things he’s gone through before and after he becomes Iron Man, whether it’s his time breezing through school and college, to the making of his many armor suits, his heart conditions, and why Fin Fang Foom and the Mandarin are among some of his deadliest enemies are covered here.

To go along with these fascinating stories are some equally fascinating illustrations from artist Mirco Pierfederici, who has worked on Marvel titles such as X-Men, The Avengers and more. The artwork looks great and fits perfectly alongside the many tales Tony explains to the readers, which is sure to please both newcomers as well as hardcore Iron Man fans out there.

If you love Iron Man or just looking for something fun to read, you’ll want to check out Insight Editions’ The World According to Iron Man. Awesome writing that has Robert Downey Jr.’s take on Tony really come to life here combined with some pretty awesome artwork makes this a great book the whole family will want to suit up in their armor suits for and fly out to grab a copy.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell