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The Hearthstone Pop-Up Book (2018)
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The Hearthstone Pop-Up Book (2018)

Quite possibly the coolest pop-up book ever made, despite being only five pages long.

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I’ll come clean and admit I’m not the biggest Hearthstone fan out there, but I do love the game’s charm and that others seem to enjoy it. Right after BlizzCon ends, there’s even more Blizzard excitement to experience with The Hearthstone Pop-Up Book from Insight Editions. While it seems to end before it begins thanks to having only five pages, each pop-up page is a world of magic on its own, and makes this one of the best pop-up books out there.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to pull up a seat in the famous tavern Hearthstone games take place at, then this book has you covered as each of the five pages brings the tavern, game board, and some of the featured characters to life.

As you slowly make your way through the book, you get to enjoy a fun guided tour that features the game series’ signature humor with loads of pop-up images to look at along with a few levers to pull, turn, or push to make objects pop to life within the pages, pun intended of course.

These amazing looking images were drawn by Mike Sass, who also does the artwork for the Hearthstone cards and other famous properties such as some of the Dungeons and Dragons card games, and Simon Arizpe is the one who crafted the book to pop to life when you open the pages.

These guys really outdid themselves making this book, as it’s one of the best pop-up books I’ve ever seen. Insight Editions also did a sweet job putting this together with high-quality paper and a study front and back cover that fits nicely on any bookshelf or coffee table for all to see.

Matter of fact, The Hearthstone Pop-Up Book is so well done, the only things going against it is the short length that makes you wish there were more pages of magic to flip through, and it’s steep suggested retail price of $65. Thankfully most places have it on sale and it’s well worth admission to hearth into the magical journey it takes you on.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell