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The Flash: Green Arrow’s Perfect Shot (2019)
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The Flash: Green Arrow’s Perfect Shot (2019)

DC’s CW superhero shows join forces in the fun first part of a planned trilogy.

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I was a pretty big fan of Arrow and The Flash on CW until recently where they just fell into a rut, at least to me. Arrow will be entering its last season, and we’ll see where it goes with The Flash, but fans looking for their fix during the season break will want to read The Flash: Green Arrow’s Perfect Shot by Barry Lyga. This book captures not only the charm of the CW shows, but also reads quickly and is fun for fans and those who enjoy comic book action in text form.

The plot kicks off with Green Arrow reaching out to The Flash for help with stopping a crazed bomber in Star City. It isn’t long before the heroes and their respective friends backing them up, find and put a stop to the fiend. Just when it looks like all is well, a dimensional rift appears in Central City with thousands of super people emerging from it along with alternate universe villains to boot. Needless to say it’s going to take not only Green Arrow and The Flash to figure out what’s going on, getting the people together, and stopping the villains, but just about every hero from the CW DC universe will have to pitch in as well.

Running in a little over 200 pages, I had a good time reading through this one as Barry Lyga does an excellent job retaining the feel of the CW episodes (complete with beginnings such as ‘the story thus far’ and a sneak preview of the next book), as well making this just overall fun to read by keeping things simple but not too simple as to bore or lose you in the process.

It basically plays out like a comic book in text form, which can be tricky to pull off for some, but Lyga nails it perfectly. Like most comic book/sci-fi fans, I’m a sucker for the whole “alternate dimension” plot, and an even bigger sucker for the crossover fun that’s to come in the future books as Supergirl, Superman, the cast of heroes from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and more will be joining the fight as the trilogy goes on.

Fans of the CW shows and/or the comic book heroes will want to speed their way to the bookstore and snag a copy of The Flash: Green Arrow’s Perfect Shot. It’s a quick and fun read that has plenty of action to keep you reading in one sitting, while also teasing at bigger and better things to come in the future releases. So suit up and take your shot at this book series, as you won’t regret it.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell