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StarCraft Field Manual (2015)
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StarCraft Field Manual (2015)

A perfect look at the past and present of the champion of RTS games.

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I’ve been a StarCraft fan since the original game was released in the late 90’s and have always been fascinated by the factions and their units. While plenty of books and other material based on this infamous RTS title have been released, none are as detailed or fun to read as Insight Editions’ StarCraft Field Manual by Rick Barba. This hardcover, 160-page book features loads of artwork, informative details and commentary which cover the entire StarCraft saga that fans will love and is sure to make new fans from those who harvest this precious resource.

Author Rick Barba is already familiar with the StarCraft universe, as he’s written the Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Strategy Guide. Teaming with some of the crew behind the series along with fan Robert ‘Xiaorobear’ Rose who became famous for his “StarCraft to Scale” artwork, Barba puts together a well made collection of art and information that spans the entire game series. Everything you could want to know about the races and their units is here, along with unreleased details such as the terran Warhound mech that never made it to the series, that will further pull you into the StarCraft mythos.

Besides the ton of detailed info and amazing looking pictures here, what really got me were the often funny “notes” that are littered throughout the book. They look as though someone (I can’t help but hear Jim Raynor’s voice in my head when I read them) took a pencil and wrote personal footnotes on the pages. One such example (which I’ve included in the picture gallery at the bottom of the review) is the page detailing the Reaper unit, and how someone pointed out they lack “ass armor”. These notes had me either chuckling to laughing out loud as I made my way through the book, and made me wish that more people would do this in publishing.

The StarCraft Field Manual is a fun and detailed book for fans, and a great read for those curious about the game series. Brimming with funny and thoughtful info, as well as with some awesome looking art, this is one book that people will want to get their SCV’s ready for.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell