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Star Wars: Rogue One Graphic Novel (2017)
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Star Wars: Rogue One Graphic Novel (2017)

A good retelling of the 2016 film, but misses some of the best scenes it has to offer.

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While it might not be one of the best Star Wars films, 2016’s Rogue One did have plenty of action and humor that fans of the franchise know and love. While it’s kind of odd to have a graphic novel adaptation a year later, IDW does a great job with the Star Wars: Rogue One Graphic Novel. Those who enjoyed the movie or have never seen it and love comics/graphic novels, you’ll find the force is with this book, but not as strong as it could’ve been.

Author Alessandro Ferrari who has worked on a lot of Disney related titles from comic strips to graphic novels of Frozen, Zootopia, and some of the more recent adaptations of the Star Wars films lends his talent to this novel. Reading this felt as though I were flipping through a detailed and colored storyboard guide. Anyone that has seen the movie will feel the same at first, and those who haven’t experienced the film and would rather read this adventure instead of watching it may enjoy this at first too. The reason I kept stating “at first” is because those who watched the film will notice key action scenes are missing from this book, and those who haven’t seen it will be missing out on some of the best Star Wars scenes yet. It’s a shame really, as I dig the cartoon-like versions of the characters here which are done by a team of talented artists, though without the action bits and some other scenes it feels like you’re just getting the bare bones edition of Rogue One which was already lacking in some areas as is.

Perhaps this isn’t the fault of Ferrari, as the film was noted for having some production woes and reshoots during filming. Maybe we’re just getting an adaptation of what Ferrari had to work with at the time before the reshoots and other scenes were added to pad out the movie. While there isn’t any evidence to support this, I’d like to think that’s the cause of the missing scenes and maybe if we’re lucky they’ll make a revised version of this book.

Even with the missing content I enjoyed my time with the Star Wars: Rogue One Graphic Novel, just not as much as I would’ve had they kept in the epic action scenes. IDW made sure it makes for a fun and enjoyable read, and I understand it would’ve been a bit much trying to pack two hours of film into a graphic novel. But those who have seen the movie will leave this feeling a bit letdown while others who haven’t are missing out on some great action they’ll want to check out after reading.

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