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Snug: A Collection of Comics about Dating your Best Friend (2020)
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Snug: A Collection of Comics about Dating your Best Friend (2020)

Catana Chetwynd’s second helping of cloyingly sweet domestic cartoons is even sweeter than the first.

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Cartoonist Catana Chetwynd’s first book, Little Moments of Love, was released back in 2018 after her webcomic became a sensation on Reddit. Amidst all the wonderful feedback, she’s back at it with her second collection of  cloyingly sweet comics with Snug: A Collection of Comics about Dating your Best Friend, continuing to share those special moments with her partner John and observations about their relationship.

Chetwynd’s art style has evolved as these newer comics feel more excitable compared to her last batch. Situations with John are more exaggerated and explanations of the wacky love the two have for each other shines through. In one scene, John innocently strips off his clothes to head to bed, only to hear his partner say “Yes, more” as she peeks at him from around the corner of the doorway. Another scene has her sharing a metaphor about how much she loves him, the significance being that she’d normally stare at the end of the (proverbial) cliff and scoff. But against better judgement she gladly leaps into the unknown for his love. Again, it’s a metaphorical cliff, so nobody should panic.

These observations aren’t all from Chetwynd’s point of view though. John shares his own experiences of loving someone who’s vertically challenged. If he wants to give his partner a kiss or hug he has to bend his knees to get to her level. Despite the inconvenience, he’s also the perfect height to cuddle up with in bed. Despite such challenges that would derail most lesser tall persons, he proudly proclaims it’s worth braving these issues – and many more – to be with her. How can you not love that?

There’s a domestic flavor to Snug that makes it easy to curl up with and flip through on a rainy day, even if the experience is over before you know it. While there are multitudes of comic collections out there about relationships and cute couples, Catana Chetwynd’s style and unique sense of humor has the right mix of comedy and cuteness to charm even the hardest of hearts. I for one look forward to seeing more of her work in the future, either in print or in the forums.

About the Author: Nia Bothwell