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Plants vs Zombies Boxed Set (2015)
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Plants vs Zombies Boxed Set (2015)

The flowery franchise grows its own comic book collection that fans of all ages can enjoy.

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I was a huge fan of PopCap Games Plants vs Zombies, as it was one of the most fun games I’ve played in awhile. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the sequel (as most weren’t), I still like the franchise as a whole. Now Dark Horse Comics along with writer Paul Tobin has taken this plant-filled franchise to the comic book world in three thrilling collections with the Plants vs Zombies Boxed Set. These fun stories combined with some cool extras make for a great gift this holiday season, or anytime for those who like to mow down zombies.

Once I got past the awesome, detailed hardcover box, I discover the three books that collects all of the Plants vs Zombies comics together. The first that was published was “Lawnmageddon”, which stars the lovable-but-weird Crazy Dave, his niece Patrice, and their new friend Nate as they take down zombies created by the evil Dr. Zomboss in their town of Neighborville. Of course instead of using guns and such, they use Dave’s plants such as the peashooter and the infamous sunflower to fight off the undead.

As if that weren’t enough action for our heroes, things really get weird in their next collection of adventures titled “Timepocalypse”. Here Dr. Zomboss invents a sun vacuum that will destroy plants by taking away sunlight. Sadly for him, one of his zombie minions accidently drops a Pop Smart into the machine, causing it to explode and send pieces of it into different points of time. It falls to Dave, Patrice and Nate to travel their way through ancient Egypt, the prehistoric era, and more as they try to find the vacuum pieces before Zomboss does.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any more weird, the final book in this set, “Bully for You”, has the gang taking on another faction of the undead called the Anti-Bullying Squad. Turns out they’re a group of zombies that Zomboss picked on back in his college days, and they’re out for some revenge beyond the grave. Our heroes are going to have to take on bullies that were once bullied by a bully that made them bullies in return. Wait, did that make any sense?

Reading through these, I enjoyed how writer Paul Tobin captured the fun of the game series and took it to crazy new levels. Most times, video game adaptations don’t translate well into other forms of media, but Tobin actually nails it here. The awesome artwork by Ron Chan fits perfectly with the story and looks nearly identical to the Plants vs Zombies art seen in the game titles. Adding to the zany zombie action are some bonus stories you can read the three main adventures that give more insight into Neighborville and it’s weirdness. There’s a limited-edition, double-sided poster included to display your plant and zombie pride for all to see.

The Plants vs Zombies Boxed Set makes a cool gift for fans of the game series, or those who enjoy reading fun comic books. The stories featured here capture the zany humor of the franchise perfectly while taking it to some interesting (and weird) directions. The amazing and detailed hardcover case and poster included serve to sweeten the deal, and will have those who read this collection all set to get their plants ready for the most adorable zombie apocalypse you can imagine.

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