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A Monster Calls: The Art and Vision Behind the Film (2016)
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A Monster Calls: The Art and Vision Behind the Film (2016)

Beautiful images and tons of information on the film come together in this massive tome.

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When I first learned about the film A Monster Calls, I knew it was going to be an extraordinary tale that’s destined to be a new classic. Apparently so did author Desirée de Fez and publisher Insight Editions as they’ve come together to bring us a massive 328 page monster of a book called A Monster Calls: The Art and Vision Behind the Film. Packed with loads of behind the scenes images, photos, information and even the script to the film, this book blends an art book with tons of information nicely that anyone who loved the movie or is interested in it can explore and enjoy.

Featuring a foreword by the film’s director J. A. Bayona, this book goes deep behind the scenes of the making of the movie. From coming up with the creation of the story, the amazing special effects, to filming it, this book tells all while also containing interviews with the cast and crew and their takes on the movie and how it was making it come to life. As if that part of the book wasn’t enough, there’s loads of wonderful and beautiful movie shots, artwork, and special effects production images to accompany the massive amount of information here. Whether it’s going into details on how a certain shot had to be filmed, to how the effects were made, there’s always something exciting to look at and read about here. To really top things off, there’s even a copy of the film’s entire script included for true lovers of the movie and info that want to have every detail they can about A Monster Calls.

As with most of the Insight Editions titles I’ve covered, the book is exceptionally well made. I like how it is more wide than it is tall, which makes looking through the images so much better as they tend to feature wide shots. The study hard covering and gloss-like pages really bring the whole thing together as you can tell the book screams high quality as you make your way through its pages. So much so, you’d be nearly scared to let anyone else touch or read it.

If you loved A Monster Calls, want to know about it intimately, or just love highly detailed art/info books, you’ll want to bark the right tree for a copy of A Monster Calls: The Art and Vision Behind the Film. Tons and tons of images and information come together unlike any I’ve ever seen in a monster of a book that fans and info lovers will get lost in time and again.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell