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Little Moments of Love (2018)
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Little Moments of Love (2018)

A collection of gentle comics that perfectly capture the little moments in a relationship that matter most.

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Anything cute/weird/quirky gets classified in my “OMG I Love It Already!” column. I saw the birth of Catana Chetynwood’s comics on Reddit a few years ago when her boyfriend (now husband) John started to post them. I’m glad to see her comics have really taken off since then, now appropriately called Catana Comics, and that she’s received recognition and acclaim for her talents. Reading through Little Moments of Love felt like sitting in a field of cupcakes with fudge dribbled on the top.

Actually, Little Moments of Love is exactly that; a small collection of gentle comics about those special moments that matter. Moments like cuddling under a blanket to watch Netflix while adopting dozens of puppies. Her comics don’t follow any set storyline, but instead are observations from Catana’s point of view of her relationship with her husband. While I don’t know Cantana personally (…yet), judging from her comics alone she struck me as someone who’s incredibly happy with her hubby  – the two are absolute besties

They understand each other completely, and while they do encounter problems from time to time (like Catana being so short John can’t find her in a crowd) they still chug on towards the future. For example, a simple task like sharing an umbrella is next to impossible since he had to kneel to squeeze under it – let Catana hold the handle and its soak city. The natural solution, of course, is to just stay inside and cuddle while watching movies. Other solutions she uses to tackle being vertically challenged is to stand on a stairwell so she can kiss him instead of having to be on tiptoes. She’s a all-natural problem solver!

I read Little Moments of Love from cover to cover, but in hindsight it doesn’t have to be enjoyed that way. It’s meant to be cracked open at random, taking quick peeks at private moments immortalized in ink by two people who love each other deeply. Their quirkiness will make you crack smiles and laugh at the challenges these two face and conquer – together. They’re the perfect nerdy power-couple that I can’t help but root for. Let’s hope more volumes follow so we can continue to keep up with their saga – in print, of course!

About the Author: Nia Bothwell