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Ghostbusters: Artbook (2020)
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Ghostbusters: Artbook (2020)

An awesome artbook that delves into the famous franchise for fans and newcomers.

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I’ve been a fan of Ghostbusters ever since I was a kid back in the 80s. It was the first movie that I ever saw more than once in the theaters, and have watched it so many more times since as it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. It would go on to have an amazing animated series, a good sequel, and some so-so video games, and is still beloved by fans young and old to this day.

Insight Editions obviously knows greatness when they see it and has released the awesome tome that is the Ghostbusters: Artbook. There’s 208 pages filled with all sorts of art from hundreds of fans all over the world that will keep the busting of ghosts alive for decades to come.

Clearly this book was made to capitalize on the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife film that was set to hit theaters this summer. Thanks to current events sadly, who knows when we’ll get to see it. Thankfully fans have this sweet artbook to tide them over until the next big screen adventure hits, along with a nice foreword by Jason Reitman the director who is the son of the famous Ivan Reitman who directed the original Ghostbusters. There’s so many awesome illustrations contained in this large, hardcover tome, complete with Insight Editions’ high quality, glossy pages.

I loved flipping through to see iconic moments from the original film being captured into still moments from fans, such as the Ghostbusters fighting against the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and a few showing off the epic battle against Gozer and its gateway. Then there’s other cool art that goes into fan-made movie posters, the guys, their gear, and some of the ghosts and monsters they’ve gone up against, like the lovable Slimer aka the Green Ghost. I also love how some of the fans inserted Winston into a lot of the images where normally most artwork has him missing in action. Yeah I know he wasn’t part of the team until later on, but come on, we love him.

To say I enjoyed all of these images would be an understatement, but there are some things I wish they would’ve included. While there are some images either inspired from them or taken directly from them, there’s not much featured from the hit animated series from the 80s, the great Ghostbusters II film, or even the Extreme Ghostbusters show from the 90s (I didn’t care for it at first but quickly became a fan the more I watched).

Now I can understand why they didn’t feature anything from the flop that was Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (I liked it more than most people did), but even still it could’ve had a page or two. It just feels like a giant missed opportunity, as this could’ve easily been the ultimate artbook tome that covers everything Ghostbusters related.

Despite this, the Ghostbusters: Artbook is still worth picking up, especially for fans and those looking to see what made the original film a beloved classic and one of the most beloved franchises out there. Awesome art from people all over the world capturing some of the most iconic moments from the film and franchise in all sorts of cool and quirky ways make this a must-have for the coffee table.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell