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DmC: The Chronicles of Vergil Vol. 1
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DmC: The Chronicles of Vergil Vol. 1

A thin but awesome DmC package that should please fans more than even the recent games have.

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I’ve been a fan of the Devil May Cry franchise since 2001 when Capcom first started the series and haven’t let up yet. And while the recent reboot of the game may have confused both fans and newcomers (especially the latest reboot), Capcom and Titan Comics’ have released some prequel comics to clear up some things while also having a fun time in DmC: The Chronicles of Vergil Vol 1.

Written by Guillaume Dorison (who goes by the name Izu) and illustrated by Jean Bastide, Robin Recht and Patrick Pion, this hardcover comic book features both issues of the series in a thin but awesome package that should please fans more than even the recent games have.

The setting takes place a few months before the events in the rebooted game, where the world is being taken over slowly but surely by demons. Our hero Dante is the only one who can save the world from this impending menace, but he is currently trapped in limbo by the demons. When his twin brother Vergil learns of this, he sets out to rescue Dante, along with the help of a young psychic named Kat. Here the two of them must overcome demons and obstacles, both within themselves and on the outside to save Dante.

While it’s a little on the light side with 48 pages, I found the book to be a quick but entertaining read. It moved at a pretty nice pace while making sure both fans and those new to the series understand what’s going on and how things came to be. The artwork is done very well and includes everything a graphic novel based in supernatural fantasy should be. I think the team captured the many demons and their world perfectly here, as well as the action and dramatic scenes with the characters that’s sure to make readers turn each page with anticipation.

Fans who were left scratching their heads after playing the DmC reboot, or anyone who just enjoys a nice fantasy-action comic book will be sure to like Titan Comics’ DmC: The Chronicles of Vergil Vol. 1. While a bit short with only 48 pages, it’s still a quick, fun ride into the Devil May Cry universe that sheds some much needed light on some of the characters and plot, while also being an entertaining read for all who dare enter its action-packed, demonic realm. Bring on the next volumes, please!

About the Author: Chris Mitchell